Serena Jade is a Mystic, Author, Speaker and a True Pioneer of the Eternal Soul Mate definition. A leading Authority on the

Serena Jade is a Mystic, Author, Speaker, and true Pioneer of the Eternal Soul Mate definition. A leading Authority on the knowledge of the Immortal Soul; to achieve oneness with the Divine through the interaction of Mystical loves.


Serena Jade has an eclectic background of experiences, studies, and observations that imbues life into the Body, Mind, and Soul alignment; making her a teacher of modern-day mysticism.

Ms. Jade stretches people’s minds as well as their bodies, to reach an ultimate state of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony. She also was a successful Personal Training business owner.

Her extraordinary soul mate experience has inspired her, to awaken people’s innate, yet untapped psychological and psychic wisdom. Serving as powerful guideposts, that bring insight, and clarity to your unique spiritual journey.

Ms. Jade guides you by: delivering speeches, online content and courses, workshops, desert retreats, travel adventures, and educational materials that help you transition, from an ego to a Self- soul-centered existence using the knowledge of Joseph Campbell, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, the World's Religions, and the Chakras. Benefits include: heightened awareness and intuition, a sense of wholeness, deeper connections with yourself and others, better decision-making, and true love.

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